25.01.2019 – Comments Off on 18% CAGR in Indian PCBs forecast!
The bare PCB market is forecast to grow from US$ 2.02 billion in 2017 to US$5.35 billion in 2023 driven by government initiatives such as “Make in India” / “Digital India” etc., the increasing use of consumer gadgets, computers, tablets and smartphones and the exploding growth in automotive electronics, defense, industrial, high-tech, medical and aviation electronics. The Indian Government is encouraging Electric Vehicles. The Defense Off set policy is increasingly effective.

India is the largest and fastest growing consumer electronics market in the Asia Pacific region. Bare PCBs are a foundation for electronics and with the increasing tariffs on electronics imports into India local manufacture is increasing dramatically.

Read more on the forecast, how India is quickly becoming a centre for mobile manufacture and Indian electric vehicles manufacture:

Forecast 1

Forecast 2

Forecast 3


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