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At SCL, we manufacture PCBs to high standards and eliminate rejections & delays during your crucial assembly process. With more than six different Bare Board Testing machines (BBT) we can test 100% of all the boards duly before the shipment.

Feature Detail
Layers 1-10 layers
Laminate Thickness 0.5 – 3.2 mm
Materials FR4 (Tg 135, Tg 180), RT/Duroid, Teflon
Base Copper 17-105 um (1/2-3 oz)
Line/space 0.10/0.10mm (4 mil)
Min drilled hole 0.20 mm (8 mil)
Min Annular Ring 0.10 mm (4 mil)
Web thickness tolerance on V scoring +/- 0.075 mm (3mil)
BBT Double sided, double density SMDs from low to high volume
Packaging Vacuum packaging with Humidity control

Got any queries about capabilities? A detailed Capability Document is available upon request.

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