Team SCL – Thank you for working during these difficult COVID times!

When 2020 started, the Indian manufacturing industry was optimistic. But, as we speak in the middle of the year 2021, India is coming out of the second wave of the worst epidemic in modern times and is gearing up to face a probable third wave. The Corona virus has gone through many mutations and the world has seen more than 180 million positive cases and nearly 4 million deaths – of these more than 30 million cases and nearly 400,000 deaths have been in India.

At SCL, the situation was exacerbated by delayed raw materials suppliers, migrant labour that returned home and customers who could not pay. We were all worried about the safety of ourselves and our families. But we remained optimistic and we changed our working habits – maintained social distancing, washed hands more frequently, and wore masks. Despite these precautions, we had Covid positive cases and two unfortunate deaths. But we continued to manufacture PCBs for ventilators and dozens of Indian companies so they could continue to produce electronics and avoid Chinese imports and support their employees and their families

Today, I would like to acknowledge the strength and resolve of the SCL team. I am proud of the work ethic, the discipline and the unity I have observed in our employees across SCL, as we adapted to new and difficult circumstances.

To our customers and partners, we know how extraordinary these times are for you and your business. We believe, together we will get through this. We will continue to provide you the utmost support and service. In these moments of uncertainty, there is one thing you can always count on – our commitment to you and your success. We are extremely honoured to serve and partner with you today and in the future.

Together we are stronger! Together we will overcome! Together we will succeed!

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